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Author: 4th Power Performance

Best and Worst Foods Pt 1

The Best and Worst Foods Kenneth A. Hall M.S, CPT Embarking on a new diet plan is always a challenge. After all, we're creatures of habit. We go into grocery stores and roll down the aisles on autopilot, grabbing the same foods we've eaten for years. But if we take just a moment and consider some healthier alternatives, many of which taste better, we can change our lives. We'll look and feel, have more energy and live longer. FATS Good Oils and sprays: Canola oil, canola spray, enova oil, fish oil capsules, flaxseed oil, I can't Believe it's Not Butter spray, olive oil or spray (extra virgin) Neutral Legumes: Natural peanut butter,...

Basic Nutrition Guidelines For A Healthy Heart

Decrease or eliminate soft drinks in your diet. Decrease the amount of processed foods in your diet. Add ground flaxseed to your diet to help decrease elevated cholesterol levels. Increase physical activity and exercise in your weekly schedule. Replace saturated fats, also known as bad fats, with monounsaturatedfats, also known as good fats. (Saturated fats are found in butter, fattymeats, cheeses and dairy products. Avoid margarines with trans fats.Check with your health professional for information on margarines that donot have trans fats. Monounsaturated fats are found in olive oil and canotaoil, nuts (soy), peanut butter and avocados. Just remember...